Welcome to CLW Enterprises

CLW Enterprises is a smart energy savings systems partner for turning commercial and industrial buildings into Clean Virtual Power (CVP) Plants system in California w/o solar. As a participating MicroNOC, Inc. energy savings system partner, your facilities and properties can save 25% off their electrical energy costs by enrolling in MicroNOC's 25% Off Electricity Cost Partnering Program. 


"By the year 2030, all of California's commercial buildings must be zero net energy certified! By the year 2045 California will be zero net energy compliant. Are you ready?"

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"Saving energy and lowering your operating costs is easier than you think. Let me show you how much you can save!"

To find out how much you can save in 48 hours or less, all we need is a recent copy of one high summer and one low winter bill to complete your Preliminary Energy Savings Report. We'll do the rest and show you how much you can save each month w/o solar or a capital investment. There is no better return for energy savings and dirty power reduction in California. 

To determine if your facility qualifies for the program, and if so, how much you can save, please complete the Request For Preliminary Savings Report Form below for a free energy savings assessment and also receive the free e-book ENERGY Cost Savings For Facilities by Corey Lee Wilson with essential energy reduction info and energy cost saving strategies. 

"A 94-page,15-chapter, and California specific textbook ideal for FM's, students, educators, and practitioners of sustainable policies and energy saving facilities with 3 versions: Paperback, PDF and eBook. Click on the book cover to the right for more info about electricity use reduction CVP, ESS, ZNE programs and more..."

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