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Energy Management Solutions


There are many benefits to improving an existing building's energy performance to one that minimizes energy usage, waste generation, saves money, and adds value to your building. CLW Enterprises can be an essential business partner in this regard and also offers a $500 referral for your clients who successfully register for MicroNOC's 25% off electrical bill Clean Virtual Power (CVP) and Energy Storage System program.


Energy Savings Consulting that facilitates cost-effective and efficient energy reduction and battery storage systems that help reduce energy and operational costs. Services include working closely with facility managers to assess their battery storage and energy saving opportunities and provide a distributed energy resource (DER) provider for design-build installation and shared energy saving plans.

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Only MicroNOC Inc. Can Provide This Energy Saving Opportunity


  • With no capital investment, need for solar, or reliance on rebates, most IFMA Facilities can typically reduce their yearly electricity bill by $160k for each 400 kW of capacity during the peak time-of-use (TOU) rate period from 4 - 9 pm by enrolling in MicroNOC’s 25% Off Electricity Bill Cost Savings Program. 


  • By doing so, MicroNOC owns, installs, operates, and maintains their PG&E award winning clean virtual power (CVP™) energy storage system (ESS) and will return to each registered participant, per meter, 25% of those savings. That can equal $40k per 400 kW of capacity per year to offset your COVID-19 indirect costs.


  • If your organization has its own Data Center with a 1 MW capacity, your additional savings would equal $100k per year and also reduce energy usage and waste for high performance facilities, all sustainable wins for only a $5,000 registration fee, a refundable security deposit, and room for the battery energy storage system (BESS). 


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