Energy Management Solutions


There are many benefits to improving an existing building's energy performance to one that minimizes energy usage, waste generation, saves money, and adds value to your building. CLW Enterprises can be an essential business partner in this regard by providing the following services:


Energy Savings Consulting that facilitates cost-effective and efficient energy reduction and battery storage systems that help reduce energy and operational costs. Services include working closely with facility managers to assess their battery storage and energy saving opportunities and provide a distributed energy resource (DER) provider for design-build installation and shared energy saving plans.

Benefits of Using Green Building Standards and Certification Systems


  • According to a study of LEED certified buildings, the USGBC has found that energy, carbon footprint, water, and waste can be reduced, resulting in savings of 30% - 40% respectively.


  • Operating costs of green buildings can also be reduced by 8 - 9% while increasing in value up to 7.5%.


  • Many sustainable buildings have also seen increases of up to 6.6% on return on investment, 3.5% increases in occupancy, and rent increases of 3%. 


  • Other benefits of green buildings, such as higher productivity and increased occupant health, have been attributed to better indoor environmental quality, increases in natural daylighting, and healthier materials and products within green buildings.


  • While these benefits are possible, it is important to note that they are dependent upon factors such as climate, topography, timing, credit synergies, and local building standards.


  • Many existing buildings that were originally certified under LEED for Existing Buildings: USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building certification programs allow owners to take advantage of a growing number of state and local grants and tax credits, improve the resale value of their building, utilize more efficient and effective facility operations and maintenance practices, increase profitability, collect higher rents, and best of all, improve employee workplace satisfaction, productivity, and health.


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