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CLW Enterprises Partners With IFMA's California Chapters to Develop Sustainability Program

Updated: Nov 28

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has been a leader in building energy efficiency and sustainability since the implementation of their IFMA Sustainability Committee (ISC) in 2011.

Existing buildings remain the biggest challenge and the largest potential for energy reduction, conservation of resources, and improvement of workplace productivity worldwide. Recent COVID-19 and ongoing financial challenges in organizations around the world pose a significant challenge to making our existing building stock more sustainable.

However, within every challenge lies an opportunity; an opportunity to re-examine our priorities and shift the focus to how we operate our facilities. Facility managers are in a unique position to face the challenge and make a positive difference to their organizations bottom line.

California 2020 Sustainability Program Focusing on Energy Use Reduction for the New Decade

With energy reduction and environmental stewardship consuming the resources of FM and expanding their compliance requirements to meet California’s ambitious zero-net energy goals for all buildings by 2045, this IFMA chapter sustainability program focusing on energy reduction can be an essential component for every IFMA California chapter, as well as those nationwide, and throughout the world.

The intent of this program is to adapt new energy savings technology, ensure conservation, and improve best practices so they are consistent with zero-net energy usage goals for California’s building stock. Specifically, this program is broken down into four modules and can be adopted as a whole and/or separately to each facility’s needs and objectives. The four modules are:

1 - Planning and Project Management for Energy Savings 2 - Energy Sustainability for Real Estate, Property Management & Space Occupancy 3 - FM Leadership & Innovation for Sustainable Energy Buildings 4 - The Future of Sustainable Energy & Buildings for the Next Decade

Utilize a Sustainable Energy Buildings Plan (SEBP) For Your Facility

The tactical objectives and outcomes of this program are to empower and enable FM’s to develop their own Sustainable Energy Buildings Plan (SEBP) that optimizes energy storage systems (ESS) and efficient energy management in support of the primary purpose of the organization. From a strategic level, the program helps FM’s meet California’s zero-net-energy legislation and high-performance building goals and requirements listed below:

• All new commercial construction will be ZNE by 2030 • 50% of commercial buildings will be retrofit to ZNE by 2030 • 50% of new major renovations of state buildings will be ZNE by 2025. • AB 32 – The Global Warming Solutions Act • AB 758 – Comprehensive Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings Law • AB 802 – Mandatory Energy Benchmarking & Disclosure • SB 350 – Clean Energy & Pollution Reduction Act • AB 2514 – Energy Storage Systems

Once this sustainability program is completed and is acceptable, endorsed and approved by each chapter, they can make it available to their members, website, newsletters, training programs (with a possible Energy Sustainability Certification of Achievement), FM community, high schools and community colleges, and beyond as they see best. The possibilities and benefits for the FM community are endless.

With the adoption, implementation and expansion of this much needed and long overdue program, California’s IFMA chapters can lead the way in energy use reduction, zero net energy building compliance, and be the caretakers of the triple bottom that balances social, environmental, and financial factors. As an educational program it can enhance making FM a career choice, become a promotional tool for energy reduction, or perhaps be the spark of curiosity that turns an FM inquirer into an IFMA member.

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