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CLW Enterprises to Write a 4 Articles Series on Energy Savings for IFMA’s Facility Manageme

Many building and property managers today are being asked: “What are we doing in our buildings to be more sustainable?” A Sustainable Energy Buildings Plan (SEBP) optimizes Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and efficient energy management in support of the primary purpose of the organization. A SEBP has the potential to manage energy resources in a manner consistent with all that is green, zero-net-energy and high-performance.

Whether it’s determining your current status towards being more sustainable, or how you can save money in your building’s operations by being more energy efficient or taking you through a building rating system certification—the answers on how to effectively manage your facilities and properties using sustainable practices to are not always on hand and easily accessible—until now.

Starting a Sustainable Energy Buildings Plan (SEBP)

A building can’t be green if it isn’t energy efficient. Why? The energy used by buildings is mostly generated by burning fossil fuels, which releases Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) that contribute to climate change. No building should define itself as “green” unless it consumes less energy and generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than average.

The challenge with successfully incorporating energy saving practices is often found within the organizational culture. Change is not easily accepted and "business as usual" seems to be the motto when new ideas or methods are introduced. However, in any organization, at any point in time, change is necessary and will more than likely require a gradual, result-driven integration.

IFMA’s Facility Management Journal (FMJ) Magazine Articles

Keeping facility and property managers and their operations and maintenance personnel up-to-date on the new energy savings and storage systems into the 2020 decade, as well as the emerging technology—is critical. Hopefully, these articles will help point out the benefits and a path to achieving them as well as the positive impact they'll have on their organization’s triple bottom line.

The content for the articles come from the free e-book ENERGY Cost Savings For Facilities authored by Corey Lee Wilson, Founder and Past President of the Inland Empire Chapter of IFMA. Some potential FMJ article titles for this 4 article series starting in the May/June 2020 issue are as follows:

· What’s Your Energy Usage? Good? Bad? Or Ugly?

· New Energy Storage Systems Will Drive Energy Savings

· Smart Energy Saving Systems (SESS) for Battery Storage Have Arrived

· Start Saving on Your Facilities’ Energy Usage Right Now

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