• Corey Lee Wilson

COVID-19 Improved Cash Flow Model For California Facilities

With increasing cost pressures in the post COVID-19 environment, understanding what levers facility managers (FMs) and property managers (PMs) can pull to drive cost efficiencies is a must and essential, and an important option to becoming their organization’s energy star hero.

As one of the largest cost components to the operations and maintenance budgets, competitive businesses count on facility managers to drive cost efficiencies throughout the organization, more so now after the global pandemic. A most often missed opportunity is in indirect spend.

As companies transition into the digital space, electricity, an indirect cost, is a significant cost factor that facility managers can leverage to lower operational costs and improve cashflow for their organization when they need it more than ever.

Rising Energy Costs, Zero Net Energy Requirements, and Increasing Interest in Sustainability

Energy management is an integral part of the day-to-day operations for facility managers and property owners. Using electricity more efficiently to lower operation costs will improve cash flow that can help offset the rise in indirect costs due to COVID-19.

Rising energy costs, zero net energy requirements, and increasing interest in sustainability are driving the need to reduce energy consumption in buildings and develop strategies for better management. Reducing indirect costs through electricity usage savings is one of those strategies that might have been overlooked by FMs and PMs.

Furthermore, implementing an indirect costs leverage program can be a FM's and PM’s winning approach for facility and property managers along with their financial officers who are serious about reducing energy usage and the cost of it to their organization’s Triple Bottom Line—a key function of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).

IFMA member MicroNOC Inc. has developed a dirty power reduction energy balance engine (EBE™) and clean virtual power (CVP™) energy savings program that reduces electricity use 25% (without the need for solar or a capital investment) during peak time-of-use rates between 4 – 9 PM for facilities with yearly electrical bills $120,000 or more.

How to Take Advantage of MicroNOC’s 25% Off Electricity Cost Partnering Program

If you would like to learn more about how to use less electricity and more efficiently to lower operation costs and improve cash flow, please complete the one-minute Request for Preliminary Energy Savings Report Form at, send an email request for the form to, or call 951-415-3002 for one.

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