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Free e-book: ENERGY Cost Savings For Facilities by Corey Lee Wilson

Energy! It’s one of your major cost components. It’s a hot topic and will continue to be so. For most facilities and properties, the cost of energy is not going down—only up. It’s essential to reduce energy costs on your building(s) whether new or existing.

Energy management is an integral part of the day-to-day operations for facility managers and property owners. Rising energy costs and increasing interest in sustainability are driving the need to reduce energy consumption in buildings and develop strategies for better management.

How energy efficient is your property? How does a facility overall energy efficiency compare to a portfolio of buildings? Or, how does it compare to other similar buildings regionally, nationwide or internationally?

Doing more with less! That’s an often heard catch-phrase for FM’s and CFO’s in managing costs. The purpose of this handy guide ENERGY Cost Savings For Facilities is much the same. Energy issues can drain your budget and consume valuable resources.

This guide is also essential for facility and property managers along with their financial officers who are serious about reducing energy usage and the cost of it to their organization’s Triple Bottom Line.

For a free copy of the ENERGY Cost Savings For Facilities guidebook, please visit the CLW Enterprises website at

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