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Free "ENERGY Cost Savings For Facilities" PDF e-Book

ENERGY Cost Savings For Facilities

will go on sale a week from today on December 8, 2020 but this

week it's free for students, facility managers, energy industry,

regulation, and sustainability partners as my way of saying

thanks for listening and spreading the message.


Acknowledgements Author’s Preface 1 – ENERGY Savings Introduction 2 – Your Electrical ENERGY Future is Now 3 – Electrical ENERGY Saving Systems for Buildings 4 – Potential ENERGY Cost Savings 5 – Sustainable ENERGY Buildings Plan 6 – ENERGY and Buildings Management Software 7 – ENERGY Surveys, Inspections, Audits and Commissioning 8 – ENERGY Benchmarking Using Portfolio Manager 9 – ENERGY Efficient Lighting 10 – ENERGY Efficient HVACR Systems 11 – California’s Time-of-Use ENERGY Rate Changes 12 – ENERGY Code Compliance Measures 13 – ENERGY Certifications for Facilities and Managers 14 – Securing an ENERGY Savings Plan Budget 15 – Your ENERGY Savings Dashboard Appendix Glossary References Index Author Bio, Services & Resources

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