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IFMA’s FMJ Magazine Publishes the First of Four Articles on Energy Savings Systems by CLW E

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

I’m proud to announce that the International Facility Management Association published the first of a four article series I wrote for their Facility Management Journal (FMJ) May/June issue published this May 15, 2020. Below is a link to the article on pages 68-71 in the magazine:

The outline of this first article is below as well as the outlines for the rest of the three articles to be published in the (Jul/Aug), (Sep/Oct), and (Nov/Dec) issues of the FMJ. The FMJ is published six times a year and is world renowned publication for facility management.


1 - Planning and Project Management for Energy Savings (May/Jun)

· How the United States Uses Energy

· What’s Your Energy Usage? Good? Bad? Or Ugly?

· Energy Rates and Solar Policies Are in Flux

· Smart Energy Saving System (SESS) Lowers Building Operation’s Energy Costs

· Facility & Property Managers Can Significantly Reduce Their Energy Costs

· Smart Energy Saving Systems (SESS) for Battery Storage Have Arrived!

2 - Energy Sustainability for Real Estate, Property Management & Space Occupancy (Jul/Aug)

· Conducting Energy Assessments

· Energy Audits Using ASHRAE Levels 1, 2 & 3

· Retrocommissioning & Recommissioning

· Tailoring the Business Case to Your Organization’s Energy Saving Goals

· Investment Analysis and Financing Options if Needed

3 - FM Leadership & Innovation for Sustainable Energy Buildings (Sep/Oct)

· What is a Sustainable Energy Buildings Plan (SEBP)

· Starting a Sustainable Energy Buildings Plan (SEBP)

· California’s Utilities Respond to the ‘Duck Curve’

· The Impact of New TOU Rate Schedules on Solar PV and Energy Storage

4 - The Future of Sustainable Energy & Buildings for the Next Decade (Nov/Dec)

· Energy Storage Systems Will Drive FM Energy Sustainability

· Electric Vehicle (EV) Growth Will Become an Energy Demand Issue

· Solar PV Systems

· Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Standards and Challenges

If you would like to learn more about how to use electricity to lower operation costs and improve cash flow, please contact me at or call me directly on my cell # at 951-415-3002.

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