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NEW Energy Storage System (ESS) Certificate Program

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

NEW Energy Storage System Certificate (ESS) Program for California Students, Educators & Energy Partners

CLW Enterprises is developing a statewide energy storage system (ESS) program for ideal for workforce development programs that can benefit students, educators, energy-sustainability programs throughout California and eventually the USA.

An Energy Storage System (ESS) Certificate Program can help provide a pathway to prosperity for California’s existing and emerging workforce, particularly K12-14 graduates, by providing an introduction to energy storage systems (ESS) that enhance student, educator, and community awareness of how important ESS will be to meet our state’s ambitious 2045 zero net energy goals and sustainability mandates using holistic solutions.

Creating an ESS Certificate Program to help meet California’s ZNE, empower our energy and sustainability communities plus enhancing workforce development measures can help meet these various goals and challenges. The time to implement is now.

There are multiple benefits to this program that illuminates the new economic opportunities for the state’s diverse workforce and lower income communities as well as help lower dirty energy use, accelerate decarbonization, make our electrical supply more resilient, sustainable, and equitable in the wake of rapid decarbonation and adverse climate change.

4 Key Learning Objectives

There are four key learning objectives of the program as follows and each will be followed by a 10 question test with a score of 70% or above to pass and earn the credential and/or 28 correct questions or higher out of 40 total questions to pass.

Learning Objective 1:

Energy Problem: California’s decarbonization, zero net energy (ZNE) goals, and sustainability mandates and the emergence of DER’s have created the Duck Curve, resulting in large amounts of excess and intermittent electricity generating capacity without knowing if much of it will be available from day to day and week to week.

Learning Objective 2:

Sustainable Solutions: An overview of energy storage systems (ESS) in California’s commercial and industrial facilities and benefits for the built environment using behind-the-meter technology and micro-grid resources that can lower facility energy use as much as 25% as well as balance the grid, prevent electrical grid fires and rolling blackouts.

Learning Objective 3:

Environmental Opportunities: Achieving carbon neutrality and widespread energy efficiency across most energy sectors within California’s built environment and fully utilize all human capacity and intellectual capital throughout all energy related career development education programs.

Learning Objective 4:

Workforce Development: Learning objectives and training for California’s vision for integrating economic and workforce development into major climate policies and programs in order to help achieve California’s major climate goals such as achieving 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and transitioning to a carbon neutral economy by 2045.

The lead facilitator for the program is Corey Lee Wilson, a member of the USGBC-LA Chapter, founder of the IFMA Inland Empire Chapter in 2013 and Past President from 2013-19, and President of CLW Enterprises. Corey's credentials include a BS in Economics from the California State Polytechnic University Pomona along with three credentials (LEED AP O+M, IFMA FMP, CMAA CCM), and is author of ENERGY Cost Savings For Facilities.

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