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Proposed Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Certificate of Completion Program

Updated: Nov 28, 2023


CLW Enterprises is developing a statewide battery energy storage system (BESS) on-line certificate of completion program that provides an introduction to the high-road workforce development career path education program for entry level battery energy storage systems (BESS) jobs in California in the commercial, industrial, and public-sector as-built environment.

An Energy Storage System (ESS) Certificate of Completion Program can help provide a pathway to prosperity for California’s existing and emerging young adult workforce that consist of eager candidates from our state's high school, community college, and trade school students with skilled high-road careers, help create more sustainable buildings, and lower energy usage and carbon emissions.

5 Key Learning Objectives

There are five key learning objectives/modules for the certificate of completion program and each will be followed by a 10 question test with a passing score of 70% or above to earn the certificate of completion (35 correct questions or higher out of 50 total questions to pass).

Learning Objective 1: Energy Problem. California’s decarbonization, zero net energy (ZNE) goals, and sustainability mandates and the emergence of distributed energy resources (DER’s) and the Duck Curve problem, resulting in large amounts of excess, unused, and intermittent electricity generating capacity.

Learning Objective 2: Sustainable Solutions. An overview of energy storage systems (ESS) in California’s commercial, industrial and public works facilities and benefits for these built environments using a variety of systems, but with a focus on battery energy storage systems (BESS).

Learning Objective 3: Environmental Opportunities. Achieving carbon neutrality and widespread energy efficiency across most energy sectors within California’s built environment and fully utilize all human capacity and intellectual capital throughout all energy related career development education programs.

Learning Objective 4: Workforce Development. An understanding of California’s vision for integrating economic and workforce development into major climate policies and programs in order to help achieve California’s major climate goals such as achieving 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and transitioning to a carbon neutral economy by 2045.

Learning Objective 5: Job/Career Opportunities. An overview of becoming a certified electrician and an analysis of the various union and non-union electrical apprenticeship programs available throughout California as well as the employer network of solar, electrical, and BESS firms in California for newly licensed electricians.

The lead facilitator for the program is Corey L. Wilson, author of ENERGY Cost Savings For Facilities, founder of the IFMA Inland Empire Chapter in 2013 and Past President from 2013-19, and President of CLW Enterprises. Corey's credentials include a BS in Economics from the California State Polytechnic University Pomona along with the LEED AP O+M, IFMA FMP, and CMAA CCM essential credentials.

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