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The Many Benefits of Using Facility Management Software (FMS)

Updated: Nov 28

The current and post-pandemic facility management challenges are upon us—and for many--the old ways of facility management will have to adapt to the changes.

FM’s and O&M personnel who are not already using a facility management software (FMS) program can improve their operations and bottom line by utilizing a vast choice (over 400) of FMS programs (also known as CAFM and CMMS) geared towards a variety of operations and industries.

Facility management software programs (FMP) help organizations plan and effectively execute facility management processes and functions such as:

  • Asset management

  • Equipment information tracking

  • Recurring task management

  • Work order fulfillment

  • Room scheduling

  • Vendor management

  • Maintenance workflow automation

  • Maintenance cost management

Facility managers can use FMS to track, plan and manage the operations of their facilities. The systems allow the managers to be more efficient in carrying out various administrative functions such as ensuring the building is properly inspected, maintained, and repaired.

Depending on where they are used, facility management systems can provide important information about the properties being managed and just as important, these systems support operational and strategic plant management. Advanced FMS systems have intuitive user interfaces and are powered by multiple technologies that utilize cloud storage for O&M team access.

Nearly every industry can benefit from a FMS system including but not limited to Offices, Corporations, Small and Medium Business, Oil and Gas, Schools, Churches, Utilities, Hospitals, Construction, Hospitality, Data Centers, Retail, Self-Storage and more.

Need help in selecting and making the most of a FMS for your operations and facilities? If the answer is yes, please contact Corey Lee Wilson at or call (951) 415-3002 for more information for getting the most out of a facility management software (FMS) system.

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