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$150m+ Project & Construction Management Experience


CLW Enterprises is a provider of Alternate Project Delivery Method (APDM) consulting services that assist owners, contractors, and facilities directors with implementing the Bridging Method of Design-Build construction and contract delivery that can save them significantly on design and construction costs, shorten project schedules, improve design and quality, and best of all—increase stakeholder satisfaction.


As the Owner Design Consultant (ODC) and the program manager for the Design-Build Contractor (DBC) I can plan, lead, train, support and develop collaboration within the project team to implement an effective and efficient design-build program that will ensure project success and improve project performance metrics.

How Bridging Lowers Cost & Time and Improves Design & Quality


  • When properly carried out, Bridging provides the Owner with a dependable contract price for the final design and construction at a point about halfway through the design process and with only about half the design cost compared to the traditional Design-Bid- Build method.


  • The price obtained by Bridging at this earlier point, is more enforceable than a price obtained by either CM-at-Risk (CMAR) or so-called “Guaranteed” Maximum Price (GMP) methods.


  • On most projects, Bridging will shorten the construction time due to the Contractor’s more intensive planning and input during the preparation of the final drawings and specifications.


  • Bridging facilitates the integration of both more advanced construction technology and more practical construction knowledge into the design process without giving up control of the design or the quality of the end product.


  • When properly used, Bridging greatly reduces the Owner’s exposure to construction risks including contractor initiated change orders, claims, and delays/disputes in resolving flaws in the design or construction discovered after occupancy.


  • After occupancy, if there is a defect requiring correction, Bridging provides a clear, single responsibility for correcting the work at no cost to the Owner.


  • By utilizing all of the above benefits—an Owner’s design and construction costs are significantly reduced compared to other methods.

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