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CLW Enterprises Services

Construction Management


Construction Management services from the development and design stages to the procurement, construction, and post construction phases using owner partnering and integrated project development. Services cover educational, commercial, civic, medical and industrial facilities for new, addition, and remodel type projects of various sizes and complexities, working directly with the project management team and stakeholders.


Facilities Management Software Systems

Also known as Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) and Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) software systems, both support facility management organizations to record, manage and communicate their day-to-day operations as well as provide reports used in managing resources, preparing metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of current operations, resources, and organizational personnel. 




Energy Savings Consulting


Energy Savings Consulting to attain high performance facilities, reduce utility bills and lower operational costs for sustainable facilities and commercial energy storage and solar projects that contribute to a firm’s triple bottom line and a zero-net energy future. Services include working closely with client to assess their energy saving opportunities and developing innovative cost, time, and energy saving solutions.

LEED Building Certifications


LEED Building Certifications featuring the LEED Existing Building Operations + Maintenance (EBOM) rating system to ensure your buildings are meeting California’s zero net energy goals, CAL Green / Title 24 code compliance, AB758 - California’s comprehensive law on energy efficiency in existing buildings and AB327 regarding solar energy upgrades and net metering.

ENERGY STAR Benchmarking and Certification


ENERGY STAR Benchmarking and Certification services for energy management tailored to each client’s O&M and FM systems needs and requirements to help reduce their energy costs 5% to 10% on average and more. Services include energy consumption analysis, on-site product and behavior recommendations, and facilitation of energy rebates, grants, and tax incentive programs. 




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