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Energy Partnering Program by MicroNOC, Inc.

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Enroll in MicroNOC’s 25% Off Electricity Cost Partnering Program


The California smart energy cost savings program sponsored by MicroNOC Inc. provides 25% energy cost savings to qualified partners with high electric bills for all types of commercial and industrial buildings and facilities. MicroNOC’s energy savings partnering program works as simply as this:


  • Energy usage from potential partners with electricity costs of $120,000 per year or higher are evaluated after client provides summer and winter electrical bills and then receives a free preliminary energy savings report.


  • If the client’s peak time-of-use (TOU) electrical rate and/or usage falls between 4 - 9 PM, MicroNOC’s energy management system (EMS) can typically reduce energy usage between 25% to 35% and they pass 25% of those savings to their clients.


  • MicroNOC does this most efficiently and effectively with their proprietary and trademarked EMS and network operating center (NOC) that releases previously stored electricity purchased at off-peak rates, during on-peak rates and highest TOU.


  • Their SESS program requires no capital investment because MicroNOC owns, operates and maintains the battery energy storage systems (BESS) that permit their clients to turn their buildings into clean virtual power (QVP) plants.


  • MicroNOC’s qualifying requirements are minimal and include a $5,000 registration fee, security deposit, and enough space on site for the BESS. It’s that easy and there are no hidden fees, need for solar, or up sales and extras.


There are no better electricity savings and opportunities to reduce energy waste in California than from MicroNOC, proud member of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), their Environmental Stewardship, Utilities and Sustainability (ESUS) Community, and business partner to the Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, East Bay, Sacramento Valley and Inland Empire chapters.


For more information or to enroll, please contact Corey Lee Wilson at CLW Enterprises at, call (951) 415-3002, or visit

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