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Turn Your Facility Into a Clean Virtual Power (CVP) Plant

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

For California’s buildings, a larger percentage (now 60% as of 2020) of the state’s energy is supplied by renewable resources and of those renewal resources solar power is by far the largest. As the transmission of energy moves from these sources to power substations, electrical energy is distributed to fill the various power needs of California’s buildings.

During that process between 61- 86% of the generated power is lost, wasted, along the way and this power supply is also imbalanced, creating power surges and sparking electrical fires. In addition, utilities have also increased demand charges by more than 100% over the last decade.

If all buildings could consume energy at the right times—we could reduce energy waste and also generate cleaner sources of energy supply for future generations. Enter MicroNOC Inc., a building-to-grid (B2G) service provider whose vision and mission are to do just that.

Implementing a Smart Energy Savings System (SESS)

By using their proprietary technology starting with their aggregated energy resources solution (AERS)™ and qualified balance resource (QBR)™ systems, MicroNOC offers energy saving solutions and usage synchronization for facilities, utilities, and grid operators. More precisely, their building clients can benefit as a distributed energy source (DER) if managed effectively by a smart energy saving system (SESS) that lowers their energy usage and in turn reduces their operating costs.

A SESS connected to MicroNOC’s network operating center (NOC) can manage and regulate energy usage by purchasing it at the lowest peak usage rates and releasing it when energy demand is at its highest. They also prevent energy spikes and excessive energy demand by modulating and flattening energy usage for peak performance. As more loads and generating resources are connected through DER’s, power usage will decrease, outages will cease, and the SESS industry will graduate to a full-fledge grid resource.

Building Managers Can Take Advantage of These Cost Savings Now

SESS providers like MicroNOC collaborate and partner with their clients for the most effective and profitable energy saving systems that are designed, installed, operated, and owned by MicroNOC. These systems balance a building’s energy Time-of-Use (TOU) during the highest cost peak rates for 25% off the utility rate.

The future is now for energy savings and energy management and taking advantage of everything that an SESS by MicroNOC has to offer is a wise decision. It is no secret that a focused, well-defined sustainability strategy, is beneficial to an organization’s bottom line. Going green is no longer a fad or a trend, but a course of action for individuals and businesses alike – benefiting the Triple Bottom Line of people, planet and profit.

For more information on saving energy or to get started right now and securely check your electrical usage and potential savings, please contact Corey Lee Wilson at CLW Enterprises at (951) 415-3002, or follow the link to for a free energy savings evaluation.

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