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A Sustainable Facilities Buildings Plan (SFBP) can develop, implement, and optimize key facility management and operations & maintenance objectives in a manner consistent with CALGreen code requirements, zero-net-energy (ZNE) compliance, and COVID-19 health requirements.


It’s about that, but it’s also about making facilities last, perform at a level that meets the needs of the organization, managed in a manner that is consistent with the mission, vision, and values of the organization, and most of all, lowering energy usage.

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Benefits of Implementing a Sustainable Facilities Management Plan (SFMP)

Healthy, sustainable, and productive facilities allow FM’s “to do more with less and be the enablers of operations and maintenance success.” A sustainable facilities management plan using a foundation of success is an excellent choice to make this happen.


High performance and energy efficient facilities can be more reliable and effective from an operations and maintenance standpoint, thus lowering operating costs and providing best in class maintenance, which enhances the experience of the organization's employees.


The common denominator for all of the benefits noted above is they save money and below are the key ways to do it:


  • CALGreen compliant space

  • Improved energy efficiency

  • Enhanced indoor environment

  • More productive employees

  • COVID-19 health compliance

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